Alt NoneNow light a lot of products on the market, and more performance products, but can strike a balance between lightweight and performance products are few. For the pursuit of power and lightweight laptops, and discrete graphics option has always been incompatible, in this awkward case to enhance the core graphics performance significantly greater meaning, so there are sharp torch ™ Intel ® graphics card (Intel ® Iris ™ Graphics).Long before Intel Core series processor equipped with core graphics card, this card's role is to provide enough performance to meet the needs of daily entertainment under effective control of power consumption and improve battery life of notebook computers. After several generations of development, Iris series of core performance indicators are close to getting started with many significant independence.Parameters and performance analysisFrom a position based on performance and power, Iris sharp thin torch video is suitable for use in portable fashion on this. Lenovo S41-70 as an example, this machine uses Intel torch Iris sharp graphics, shape is very thin and stylish, target populations located usually love to see video, image, and video's resolution requested, multimedia processing is needed occasionally, usually also play mainstream games young white-collar workers.Its equipped with processors Intel Core I5-5257U, which Broadwell of four-thread processor using the dual-core architecture, Iris Graphics 6100 GPU part is just mentioned sharp torch video card. Other configurations include 4GB, 8GB+500GB hybrid hard drive. Alt NonePowered by Iris Graphics 6100 Broadwell GPU family of high-end products, it i5 a 13-inch MacBook Pro are equipped with GPU, its 14nm process, perform unit and integrated 48 EU H.265 decoder, 12.8GB/s bandwidth, video frequency in the range of 300MHz to 1.05GHz, support for OpenCL 2.0 and DirectX 12.Actual runAlt NoneGFXBench is known for its cross-platform GPU testing software, while PC platform project more accurate, resulting in performance scores to be lower, but this is rare and mobile tablet ARM platform product comparison test. GFXBench3.0 to 48.8 in the Manhattan scene, scenes for the t-Rex 102.1 frames. Alt None3DMark is the platform for running the software, testing under the unified 1080P, 981 Fire Strike scene; 46813 Ice Storm Extreme scenarios. In contrast, previous generations of Apple, Mac Book Pro (Iris Graphics 5100) in the 3Dmark test, Fire Strike model scored 829 points, Ice Storm pattern 39984 points. This machine runs quite fierce, between the GT640M-650M, and maybe even beat a lot of low-end video card.Multimedia testAlt NoneMost users usually need to be mild in the Photoshop image processing, especially love the photo retouching fashion for men and women. Meanwhile, video clips and other works is also one of the everyday needs of young fashion professionals. And simple PS and output, have obviously a sucker for sharp torch Intel graphics card now, in terms of this experience and high with significant independence, machines were used is not significant. Alt NoneVideo clips, we use Edius7 to test. We imported three 252m 4K video, after joining the cutscenes and other simple post-processing, the video clip is 2 minutes, output to frame 1080P30 8bit H264 format. Because graphics support H264 hardware acceleration, rendering the output time of 6 minutes, well, ordinary video clip completely enough.In addition to regular video processing, our daily requirement for 4k resolution of the video is also gradually increased. Now 4K more and more resources, wide selection of blockbusters has 4 k version. 4K video in addition to House more than fine, also have relatively high color tolerance advantages, so they are also a lot of fashion people preferred for local movies, so we chose the 4K classic test video, use win8.1 from player to test hardware decoding capabilities of the machine.  Dolce & Gabbana iPhone CaseAlt NonePlaying with drag-and-drop, CPU usage remained at about 5%, only jump slightly increased to about 15%. Sharp torch ™ Intel graphics HD video on demand fully enough. Used to be very resource intensive 4K video playback, now may be the most power-operated.Game testingYounger users will naturally prefer to play games, watch videos, play games has become the daily lives of most users. While ordinary machines of small and medium game has to stop now, so we test for its limits. Test projects, including some large 3D game, which previously only to the high-performance laptop equipped with significant independence, heavy type finish. In nuclear development in recent years, Iris graphics have independently put up a lot of 3D games.Alt Dolce & Gabbana iPhone Case Alt NoneWe use a representative of major 3D games need for speed 17, and League of legends game test LOL. Know Iris Graphics is very strong, but never thought Iris Graphics can be full of special effects 1366*768 resolution run, frames can still be maintained at 30 frames from top to bottom. But if you want to free play, lowering effects, frames can be improved a lot. Dolce & Gabbana iPhone 7 covers Alt NoneWhile many players, is popular with young users of League of legends LOL, normal scene in the fineness of the default display can survive for about 40 frames, even if all the effects remains open at about 25 frames. Daily play, turn off antialiasing and vSync, it can then be unified into high level effects and machines can also remain at more than 30 frames, even the battle scene at 23 frames from top to bottom, can totally play.Alt NoneSummaryRendering video 6 minutes later, the fuselage below the highest temperature appears on the screen, is about 38 degrees and after 10 minutes of the game, the maximum temperature of 39.4 degrees. Machine heating control is good, said for Super Ultra slim design, this fever's credit is mainly thanks to the Iris core graphics of super high efficiency ratio.Whether it is running or is the actual high definition video playback, editing, even large 3D games, Iris Graphics showing comparable to mid-range discrete graphics performance and experience, and maintaining 23W power consumption, performance per watt is a high comparable to black technology.This generation of Iris Graphics showing an unexpected strong performance, can totally replace the mid-tier entry-level discrete graphics. It has more advantages in power control, and save space and power needed for the video card, it can better balance laptop slim, performance, heat and battery life of contradictions. For light and life requirements for higher fashion user group, which is a more appropriate choice than traditional laptop alone.